How to download a backup?

Learn how to download you backup files

The premium plan users can download a backup to their computer when the Backup tool is enabled on your website.

Navigate to the Backups section.

  • Go to your Websites screen, hover over the desired website, and click "View Backups."

Choose the backup date and version.

  • Select the backup date on the calendar located on the left-hand side. If multiple backups were created that day, choose the specific backup below the calendar.

Initiate the download process.

  • Click "Download backup" in the Overview section. The archive will begin generating automatically, with the duration depending on its size.

Wait for the notification.

  • Once the backup archive is ready, you'll receive a notification in the top-right corner, and the "Download" button will change to "Download Now."

Download the backup

  • Click "Download" in the pop-up notification to start the download process automatically.

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