How to backup your WordPress website?

Learn the simple steps to securely backup your WordPress website using WP-Stack

WP-Stack's powerful backup feature – is designed to provide seamless, automatic protection for your valuable WordPress website content and data. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly access, customize, and initiate backups, ensuring your site remains secure and safeguarded. Experience peace of mind and enhanced control with WP-Stack's reliable backup solution.

Access your backups

  • Go to the Websites tab, hover over your desired website, and click Backups "Cloud Icon."

  • Alternatively, click on the website's name in the Websites screen to access the single website dashboard. Then, click "Backups" on the left-hand side options.

Customize backup frequency (optional)

By default, automatic backups occur every 24 hours. If desired, you can change the frequency to weekly, monthly, or even every 12 hours.

Create manual backups

  • If you want to create a backup anytime, click the "Backup Now" button in the Backups section.

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